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Abrek 17 was not approved by German Trakehner Verband in January 1996, but he was shown once again in April 1996 and then he got the approval: "Elegant stallion with interesting breed type. Good interior and very high performance will in combination with excellent results in show jumping and outstanding pedigree…"

This chestnut stallion was discovered by international show jumping rider and horse dealer Juri Hanulay from Bratislava (Slovakia). He bought Abrek 17 in 1992 in Russia and brought him to his stable to ride in competitions. They were very successful up to 1.50 m courses and won the Grand Prix of Bratislava in 1992. Abrek 17 also had three first and three third places, as well as many other placements in competitions of "S" class. Then Abrek 17 was resold to Austria. His new owner and rider Barbara Beinwachs (Katzelsdorf) was likewise very prosperous with Abrek 17 in Grand Prix competitions between 1994 and 1998. "I have ridden many different horses, but my absolute favorite is still Abrek 17. He is very compact, clever like a Thoroughbred horse, but you can ride him like a German horse. Abrek 17 possesses high rideability, superb willingness for work and shows constant performance every time, but besides all these Abrek 17 always remains clear in his head", says Barbara. Abrek 17 alternated from sport to breeding in 1999, after impressive achievements on show jumping arenas. In 1995 Hans-Ernst Wezel (Gestuet Schralling, Burgkirchen, Germany), who is famous as the breeder of internationally successful dressage horse and Olympic team bronze medal winner in Atlanta 1996 Trakehner stallion Peron (Mahagoni - Peru II x Cocktail), ridden by Michelle Gibson/USA, saw Abrek 17 in Austria and recommended Barbara to present him at Trakehner stallion approval. Mr. Wezel together with Karl Wilhelm wrote the Studbook of Kirov horse stud. That is why he was quiet well informed about the bloodlines of Russian Trakehner horses and recognized the top quality pedigree of Abrek 17. It was rather difficult to get Abrek 17 approved in Germany, because the old-established German breeders were not happy about the successful Russian Trakehner horses generally and the enormous jumping qualities of Abrek in particular. Finally he was approved for Trakehner and Austrian Warmblood breeds.

Abrek 17 was born in January, 1st, 1984 at Kirov horse stud. His pedigree shows the whole galaxy of prominent Russian Trakehner stallions, what makes him related to many international top class Russian Trakehner horses. His sire chestnut stallion Ekh-Ma 35 (Ekspromt 38 - Khapuga 32 x Khrizolit 77) was born in 1965 at Kirov horse stud. This marvelous stallion (168 - 200 - 22.0) was used as a sire in his native horse stud during nine years since 1976. Before that time Ekh-Ma 35 performed in show jumping and eventing competitions and showed wonderful results. Ekh- Ma 35 passed his sport talents to numerous children, who excelled in all three Olympic disciplines. It is necessary to name most successful stallions by Ekh-Ma 35, but a few: black Oleandr 62, born 1976 (Okhota 58 x Khokhot 15) in dressage, the maternal half-brother of Sapros ex Zapros 36 black Zritel 82, born 1978 (Zaponka 41 x Plafon xx) and chestnut Padegras 79, born 1982 (Prisyaga 61 x Singapur xx) both ridden by Olympic team gold medalist 1980 Vyacheslav Chukanov in show jumping and, of course, not to forget about chestnut Titul 85, born 1978 (Trembita 26 x Topol ox) in eventing. Ekh-Ma 35 is also the sire of Orfey 69, born 1977 (Okrestnost 52 x Osadok 13), whose son Waitaki, ex Khlorofil 7, born 1988 out of Khromotipya x Priz xx is international top show jumper as well as approved stallion, ridden and owned by Holger Hetzel. Black brown Ekspromt 38 was one of the best sons of Eifel 187 ex Torero (Pythagoras - Tontaube x Pilger) out of Afisha 4 by Albergo 49. When Eifel 187 was brought to Russia in 1945, his papers were lost and the only fact, which proved that he was born at Trakehner horse stud, was a single elkhorn brand on his right hind leg. Russian breeders considered him the son of Pilger before his origins were found due to similarity of comformation and mated him mostly with the daughters and grand daughters of Pythagoras. Pythagoras - Pilger is so called "golden cross" in Trakehner breed - a guarantee for outstanding sport qualities. That is why many of his children and grand children had near inbreeding to Pythagoras, like Ekspromt 38 and his half- brother show jumping legend and wonderful stallion Epigraf 22 (Alushta 1 x Albergo 49) are inbreed to Pythagoras in order III - II. Ekspromt 38 has inherited from his sire average height (163 - 189 - 20.0), proportional dry head with long poll, long neck, deep body of elongate format and sound legs. The dam of Ekh-Ma 35 was the daughter of Khrizolit 77 (Khitrets 4 - Angara 62 x Alibi) - the extremely prepotent chestnut stallion, whose progeny had wide spread in Russian Trakehner breed. Strong, well-built mare Chapuga 32 was accountable for many of the qualities breeders looked for when choosing Ekh-Ma 35. The dam side of her pedigree goes back to chestnut mare Beroline 58, (Pythagoras - Bebra x Pilger), born in 1942 at Trakehner horse stud.


Barbara Beinwachs auf Abrek
Barbara Beinwachs + Abrek

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Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal

The dam of Abrek 17 was foaled in 1977 at Kirov horse stud. Black mare Aktrisa 58 was not tested in sport, but she was excellent brood mare (168 - 190 - 21.0), producing besides her third foal in Abrek 17 three approved mares and dark bay show jumping stallion Aktiv 23, born in 1990 by Vypas 43. In 2000 Aktiv 23 won Bayer/USET Grand Prix of Indio (California), was placed sixth in World Cup Qualifier in Indio and fifth in World Cup Qualifier/Cosequin Grand Prix. He also took part in Budweiser World Cup Final 2000 in Las Vegas, ridden by Misti Cassar. Aktiv 23 was also bought in Russia by Juri Hanulay and then resold to the Czech republic, where he was the best show jumping horse in 1998. Later Robert Chelberg bought him and moved to the USA.

Aktrisa 58 was sired by Thoroughbred stallion Singapur xx, who was reasonably large (170 - 192 - 21.0) and had chestnut color, just like his parents. Singapur xx was foaled in 1967 at Onufrievsky horse stud (Ukraine) by Antey xx (Alycidon xx - Nenuphar xx x Blue Peter xx), imported from the Great Britain and out of home bred mare Sigara xx (Gazon III xx - Summa xx x Sultan Mahomed xx). Despite his bright pedigree, Singapur xx was insufficient racing horse and that is why was used at First Horse Army horse stud and Kirov horse stud on Budyonny and Russian Trakehner mares respectively. Singapur xx belongs to the sire line of Blandford xx, though the biggest value of his pedigree could be found in his paternal grand dam Nenuphar xx. She was the daughter of Blue Peter xx - the most important son of Fairway xx and the winner of English Derby. Blue Peter xx is also the sire of Sailing Light xx and therefore the grand sire of Ladykiller xx - the most prominent stallion in breeding of show jumping horses in Germany and all over the world after the Second World War.

Akrtisa 58's dam Aprobatsiya 33 was black mare, born 1969 at Kirov horse stud. Her sire dark bay stallion Paks 4732 (Akcjonariusz 3719 - Partenita 5953 x Maerzhase 326) was born at "Plenkiti" horse stud (Poland) in 1958 and brought to the USSR in 1962. He was described as the worst son of Akcjonariusz 3719 - the maternal half brother of Achmad 3166 - and was used between 1962 and 1970 on the best mares of Kirov horse stud. This large stallion (164 - 200 - 21.5) was very massive with flowing back, short croup and anxiously outspoken defects of front legs. Paks 4732 sturdy passed his deficiency to the offspring. Luckily the stronger influence on Aprobatsiya 33 had her maternal grand sire Achmad 3166 (Celsius 914 - Akcja 2777 x Polarstern 1185). This dark bay stallion was born at "Lishki" horse stud (Poland) and brought to the USSR in 1958. He was not very large (162 - 195 - 21.0), but massive and bony stallion of characteristic type of the breed. His head was dry, but rustic with long poll, the neck was long with high placement on withers, which were high and long. The back line was rather good and strong legs had correct disposition. This representative of the sire line of Parsival has inherited the type of his maternal grand sire Astor. Achmad was used at Kirov horse stud during 12 years until his death in 1970. The dam side of the pedigree of Aprobatsiya 33 goes back to Rakhma 41, who was the daughter of brilliant Thoroughbred stallion Rubilnik xx (Raufbold xx - Biografiya xx x Flash Bye xx). She was the grand daughter of East Prussian mare Oyama 289 as well, who was born 1942 in Germany and brought to the USSR after the Second World War. Though Oyama 289's origins were not found, she had the double elkhorn brand on her left hind leg, which proved that she was East Prussian mare of Trakehner origin.

Abrek 17 makes a trustworthy sire for young foals. The oldest children of Abrek 17 are four years old now. Barbara Beinwachs starts to jump them under saddle. She says that they are clever, careful and have excellent reaction, just like their sire. Shortly spoken: they can jump like Abrek 17. Lars Gehrmann, the breeding manager of German Trakehner Verband, has visited Barbara's stable in February 2001 and was satisfied with Abrek 17's offspring. "I saw some excellent types", said Mr. Gehrmann. Some foals by Abrek 17 were presented at Lower Austrian Foal Championships. In 1997 the winner was Amadeus Fah out of Mata Hari (Oldbg, International x Tiro) and Abrek Diamond out of Limara (Austrian WB, Diamant, Trak x Sophus xx) was placed seventh. In 1998 the fifth place was granted to Celina out of Concita (Austrian WB, Itaxerxes, Trak x Diamant, Trak). This year during 13. Mare Performance Test in Sulz (Austria) she gained the second place in free jumping with the result of 8.46 points. In 1999 the eighth place went to Celina's full brother Al Capone. Louisiana out of State Premium mare Lutanja (Austrian WB, Delegat, Hann x Dynamo) was placed sixth in 2000. Among interesting foals of 2001 could be named Zabrek out of Trakehner mare Zaritza by Donaumonarch and the first black colt Abrih H out of Vienna Girl (Austrian WB, Caro Bube x Cardinal xx).

A B R E K - Born to Jump, Born to Love, Born to Win...

1984 - Stallion 1,65m
Züchter/ Breeder: Gestüt Kirow -Stud Farm, Ukraine
Das Pedigree von ABREK zeigt eine außergewöhnliche Anhäufung russischer Spitzenvererber, die ihn mit zahlreichen internationalen Toppferden wie Biotop, Almox Prints, Waitaki, Aktiv und Rhytmical verbindet.

Winner 1,50m / Sieger SPRINGEN Kl. S
Winner / Sieger Grand Prix Bratislava
Winner / Sieger NÖ Versicherungscup
Winner / Sieger Prokopp Supercup
6. th place Lower Austrian Championships / 6. NÖ Landesmeisterschaften Allg. Klasse
3rd place /3. Pl Austrian Adhesive Cup

Abrek van la Roche succesful in 1,50m
Approved for Austria/Gekört Österreich
Aachen Showjumping/Springen 1,40m
Celina Showjumping/Springen 1,50m
Celine d’Abrek Austrian Freejumping Champion/Sieger Österr. Freispringchampionat
Celestine d’Abrek 5th Austrian Freejumping
Cecile d’Abrek 5th Austrian Freejumping 2y.
Championesse H 3rd place Austrian mare 3years/ 3. Österr. Bundesstutenschau
Farao Approved in Croatia/Gekört Kroatien
Winner FEI Dressage Challenge Zagreb
Lousiana L.A. Reserve Champion Mares/
NÖ Landesreservesieger
Winner Mare Test/Sieger SLP

ECH-MA, Hauptbeschäler in Kirow, ist auch Großvater des WAITAKI, der unter Holger Hetzel/D zahlreiche Siege und Platzierungen im Springen Kl. S international vorweisen kann. Zudem ist WAITAKI 3 x Rheinischer Landesmeister, und hoch platziert in Weltcupspringen. Großvater EKSPROMT war Springpferd Kl. S international und Deckhengst.Väterlicherseits geht ABREK 3mal auf den legendären PYTHAGORAS (geb. 1927 von DAMPFROSS) zurück, der Großvater des großartigen PEPEL war (Silbermedaillengewinner Olympische Spiele 1972 München Dressur und Weltmeister 1970 unter Elena Petuschova) .

AKTRISA Elitestute in Kirow
+ Mutter von AKTIV: (geb. 1990) Sieger 2000 Bayer/Uset Grand Prix of Indio, 6. Platz Weltcupqualifikation in Indio (Kalifornien),
5. in der Weltcupqualifikation/Cosequin Grand Prix. 3x Teilnehmer Weltcupfinale (2x Las Vegas, 1x Leipzig) 2001 6. FEI World Cup Moskau, Rider: R. Chelberg + M. Cassar/USA.

+ Muttervater SINGAPUR xx, geb. 1967 von ANTEI, Linie Blendforf, wird in Russland als besonders leistungsstark eingeschätzt.

+ Große Bedeutung haben folgende Vollblüter in der weiteren Ahnentafel:


+ DONATELLO II Vater des CREPELLO, der zu den Turf-Heroen des Jahrhunderts zählt.

+ BLUE PETER xx, bedeutendster Sohn von FAIRWAY xx und zudem Sieger im Englischen Derby. Großvater von LADYKILLER xx, dem zweifellos erfolgreichsten Springpferdevererber seiner Rasse in der gesamten deutschen Warmblutzucht nach dem Kriege, wenn nicht überhaupt: 38 Beschäler in der Zucht, zehn davon können Nachkommengewinnsummen von über 100.000 DM aufweisen, zwei weitere haben die Millionen-DM-Grenze längst überschritten: LANDGRAF I und LORD.


Barbara Beinwachs

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Frozen Semen available / TG-Samen erhältlich
Approved /Zugelassen für: Österreich AWÖ, + Trakehner Verband/Association Germany
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